The Evolution of My IT Career: 2 Years In

The Evolution of My IT Career: 2 Years In
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Today, I've taken a moment to reflect on my two-year journey in the IT industry and the valuable insights I've gained along the way. The beginning was particularly difficult, not only because I suffered from imposter syndrome but also due to the toxic environment at my workplace. These experiences, though tough, taught me resilience and the importance of maintaining a strong sense of self in adverse conditions.

During this challenging phase, a friend named Alvin Okoro provided me with invaluable advice that I will forever cherish. He encouraged me not to give up, even when faced with obstacles. Alvin was my unwavering source of support during that period, and I'm immensely grateful to him.

But in any case, my very first job taught me that your first job can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on the people you encounter. However, what truly matters are the experiences we gain from these situations, whether they are positive or negative.

As I continued to advance in my career and confront new challenges, I discovered my true passion. Initially, it was just a hobby, but it eventually evolved into my profession—working on Mobile as a Software Engineer. This discovery changed my life for the very best, and I vividly remember the wise words of my friend, Marc Alain Boucicault: "Never seek motivation; it won't come to you." At the time, this advice puzzled me, but once I found my passion, it all became clear.

Passion, I realised, is the driving force behind everything we do. If your work doesn't ignite your excitement, you're on the wrong path.

My experience in this journey has brought to light some challenging realities about the industry. It's clear that even if you're highly skilled and perform well, individuals with more years of experience than yours will often receive more recognition, even if they are not as good at the job. I've also encountered the issue of people constantly competing for job titles, which never made any sense to me.

I've come to realize that you'll inevitably meet individuals who resonate with your experiences and aspirations. It took me some time, but I found my safe space among remarkable people like Auwal Muhammad Samu who is ever ready to listen and advice me accordingly at any time, Abdallah Yashir Ramsing, a constant source of support, and RT.Veerabadren, who consistently inspires me to explore new horizons and embrace new opportunities. These connections have enriched my professional journey and remind me of the power of a supportive network.

And yes, now, with two years in my career, I can say there were many ups and downs, but it has been an incredible journey of self-discovery, learning, and connecting with remarkable individuals while exploring the unknown.

My advice would be, whether you're just starting out or in the middle of your career and feeling uncertain, I urge you to trust the process. Don't give up, take risks, and embrace the unknown. Failure should not define you; it's a stepping stone towards improvement. Don't let others' doubts discourage you, as there will always be less supportive individuals along the way. Keep pushing forward because you never know what you can achieve until you try.

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