[Mauritius Edition] Understanding the SIM card re-registration.

[Mauritius Edition] Understanding the SIM card re-registration.

In a significant move to enhance security and identity verification, Mauritius has embarked on a comprehensive SIM card re-registration drive. This initiative, spanning from 31st October 2023 to 30th April 2024, is not just limited to Mauritian citizens but extends to non-citizens, public and corporate bodies, diplomatic missions, organizations, and tourists.

Exploring the Reasons and Range of the Initiative

The primary goal behind this regulation is to associate SIM cards with accurate user identities. Notably, Mauritius does not impose a limit on the number of SIM cards an individual can own, making this step crucial for better regulation and control. The failure to comply with this re-registration process will lead to the deactivation of unregistered SIM cards by various service providers.

Digital Registration and Data Security Concerns

Service providers have facilitated online re-registration, but concerns have been raised regarding data privacy and security. A notable example is the "MOEMTEL" app by Emtel, which, as pointed out by Jochen Kirstätter (JoKi), lacks clarity in its terms and conditions about data handling. Ish Sookun reiterates this concern, stressing the need for explicit information on data processing, storage duration, access, and protection measures.

Why This Matters?

As discussed in the inaugural episode of lexpress.mu's podcast "Mau pas konpran," featuring Jochen Kirstätter, Ish Sookun, and Loïc Forget, the importance of understanding these details cannot be overstated. The misuse of personal data for registering SIM cards and conducting illegal activities is a real threat. Hence, having comprehensive answers to these questions is vital for public reassurance.

A Unique Approach for Tourists

An intriguing aspect of this initiative is the introduction of special SIM cards for tourists. These cards will be valid only for the duration of their stay, from arrival to departure. This measure, integrated into passport procedures, ensures better tracking and management of SIM card usage by temporary visitors.


Mauritius's SIM card re-registration drive is a forward-thinking step towards ensuring digital security and responsible use of service providers. However, it also brings to light significant concerns about data privacy and security, emphasizing the need for transparent and robust data protection policies.

Wrapping Up

And that was it! I hope you understand better now about the SIM card re-registration in Mauritius.

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Ou pa pé konpran ? Nou sey fer ou konpran ! Le premier numéro du podcast intitulé «Mau pas konpran!», avec les animateurs Jochen Kirstätter (Joki), Ish Sookun et Loïc Forget, est dispo.

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