Books that I have read in 2023

Books that I have read in 2023

Hello dear readers,

Today I figured I would join the trend to share with you all about my reading journey in 2023. Among the many books that I have read, there were 3 of them which particularly stood out, offering unique inspirations and insights.

1 "Show your work" by AustinKleon

Recommended by my friend Abdallah, this book was a game changer for me. Kleon's philosophy taught me the art of sharing and of creating openly, which has further motivated me to publish my drafts, which I previously hesitated to share. His emphasis on crediting others resonates deeply with me, especially in a world where collaboration is often the key to success. A line from the book which has stayed with me is, "Anyone who isn't embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn't learning enough."

2 "Meditations" by Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius

Suggested by RT, this book delves into Stoicism and personal reflections. Written in Modern English, it is a deep and thought provoking book that I'm taking my time with due to its complexities. A particularly striking thought from Aurelius is, "We abuse of our souls, not knowing that time is limited and temporary. Happiness only depends on ourselves and can not be dependent on anyone else. Life is indeed very short and we yet treat it with no respect. Our happiness does not have to be based onto anyone's opinions, no one has the right to dictate our we live our lives."

3 "Kafka on the shore" by Murakami

"Kafka on the Shore" is a novel that combines elements of magical realism, fantasy, and intricate character development. The narrative is known for its complex, surreal, and layered plot, often involving metaphysical themes and a blend of both Japanese and Western culture references. The story typically intertwines the tales of two distinct characters: a teenage boy who runs away from home and an elderly man who can communicate with cats. The novel is famous for its rich symbolism, philosophical depth, and Murakami's unique narrative style.

A couple of sentences that resonates with me are:

Pointless thinking is worst than no thinking at all.
Each one of us is losing something precious to us. Lost opportunities, lost possibilities, feelings we can never get back.

Wrapping up~

Each of these books has enriched my perspective, reminding me that reading is not just a hobby but a journey of continual growth and understanding.

And you? What are the books that you have been reading? Share in the comments and let us discuss!

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